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                          We tackle the world's most challenging issues

                          The world needs innovators and problem solvers who turn challenges into greater opportunities. We have an insatiable curiosity about transformative trends challenging the status quo: Urbanization. Water scarcity. Climate change. Digital proliferation. Security.

                          New York City


                          Robust infrastructure establishes the backbone of productive, economically strong communities as assets essential to commerce, trade, public safety and quality of life.




                          As global supply and demand for water intensifies, solving the world’s most complex water challenges demands different thinking – and that’s where we come in.


                          Beautiful sunset


                          Sustainability at Jacobs means ensuring long-term business resilience and success while positively contributing toward the economy, society and the environment.


                          Satellite orbiting Earth

                          ... and beyond

                          Learn how we create critical solutions for a more connected, sustainable world.

                          Go further

                          Worldwide recognition for our work


                          World's Most Admired Company, Engineering, Construction category,
                          Fortune Magazine


                          Top 500 Design Firms,
                          Engineering News-Record


                          Top Consultant for Environmental Health & Safety Digital Vision and Strategy, Verdantix

                          What if...?

                          We transform intangible ideas into intelligent experiences.

                          We seek out the advantages that technology brings in speed, efficiency, impact and creativity with a mindset of continuous evolution and growth.

                          What if we showed you how we’re using drones and geo-data to detect and defend against real-time threats? Or how we’re working to streamline your commute, from intelligent transit to self-driving cars?

                          Ask "What if...?"

                          Together, we are building a new Jacobs; inclusive of diverse people, capabilities and perspectives. We are winning in the marketplace, capturing attractive growth opportunities for complex work we are uniquely positioned to perform.

                          Steve Demetriou
                          Chair and CEO
                          Rendering of Martian landscape


                          NASA and In-Space Manufacturing

                          A third of urban dwellers – some 1.6 billion people – could struggle to secure decent housing by 2025. Smart options for affordable, livable structures, both on land and in space, are critical for society and for future exploration.

                          What if we showed you, how with 3D printing, Jacobs and NASA can fabricate habitable outposts, in the most remote places and possibly even those closer to home?

                          Visit Mars

                          We're hiring!

                          Opportunities await you

                          We're working on some of the most exciting, iconic projects around the world. Join our team!

                          Search all jobs

                          Hot Jobs

                          With thousands of jobs across hundreds of locations and numerous disciplines, we feature groups of jobs by location or discipline weekly with our Hot Jobs.

                          Learn more

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